MyFordBenefits Medical Plan

Ford is one of the fortune 500 companies, and it has introduced a portal called MyFordBenefits, which is solely meant for providing benefits to the current and retired employees of Ford. The employees are able to avail quite a lot of benefits related to health, vision, dental, etc., and even insurance as well. 

The portal also helps the employees or retirees of Ford to check their pension plans and manage their accounts effectively. They can also check all the details related to their health insurance plans. Let’s talk more about the medical insurance plans available with Ford. 

MyFordBenefits Medical Plans – Health Insurance Plans

MyFordbenefits health insurance plans are broken down into four parts depending on your needs and treatment it can be chosen. The mentioned below will also allow you to choose a doctor on your own. The plans are

  • PPO 1350 + HSA
  • PPO 2000 + HSA
  • OPP 2500
  • OPP 1000

HSA stands for Health Savings Account, which helps you in setting your money aside and paying all the health costs in both the present and future. The PPO + HSA and PPO 2000 + HSA includes this supplementary Health savings account. 

Additional Health Advantages Of MyFordBenefits

But there are a few points that one needs to observe before registering with the plans that include Health Savings Account, and those are

  • HAS Opening
  • Direct Access
  • Financing
  • Contribution 
  • Modify The Contribution

Now, these are not the only benefits that are available with the MyFordbenefits portal. There are many other benefits available with the Myfordbenefits Medical plan, such as dental fees, which is further divided into two parts such as Traditional OPP and DHMO. 

The traditional OPP allows you to easily visit a dentist of your choice, or you can also visit dentists that are part of the PDP network. 

The DHMO, on the other hand, allows you to contract with a dentist to participate in the DHMO program, and treatments provided by a non-participating dentist are not covered. Apart from these, there are also Optical advantages and legal plans available with the MyFordbenefits Medical plan.